It'd been a long time since I’d looked forward to having plans with someone. I envisioned a drive up the coast, lunch, a walk on the beach, was it too much to hope for a kiss? I wore a dress, I was tan, and the sun shone down with its California grin, heralding the joys of summer.

Imagine my surprise then when we ran errands; first to the post office, we dropped his friend off at LAX and after that straight to UPS. We grabbed a quick drink in-between but it was time sensitive to store hours and traffic.

When we finally got back to his place, a guy with his same name had shown up, his buddy, and they had someplace else to go.

As I stood alone on the street with nothing sated - neither my hunger for food, nor romance - it was magic hour, and I prayed the camera crew would appear to alert me to The Big Joke. But that’s just a Hollywood form of praying and I’m not so far gone yet to believe stars exist.